2021 and Beyond – Top 10 Payer Contracting Tools

(Subject matter presented at the MGMA Annual Conference 2017, MGMA webinars 2018, 2019, 2020 and others)

This presentation focuses on supporting practices on the payer contracting journey by defining a step-by-step process to build an effective strategy and by sharing the top 10 tools used by successful practices. Registrants will receive top 10 payer contracting tools.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn how to develop effective payer proposals.
  • Identify data and resources needed to craft a practice value proposition.
  • Devise an effective renegotiation strategy.
  • Construct a plan to position your practice for future payment models.


Check out our book, Transitioning to Alternative Payment Models: A Guide to Next-Generation Managed Care Contracting

Attendee Comments:

  • “Helpful overview of models with detailed guidance.”
  • “Solid speaker with excellent examples.”
  • “Gave me lots to think about in terms of our future contracting strategy.”



  • Top 10 Tools