Speaking Topics & Engagements

Prosper Beyond’s experts regularly speak at a wide variety of conferences ranging from local medical management groups to many national platforms live and by webinar.

Our advisory team includes sought-after speakers covering a comprehensive array of educational topics that are timely, relevant and chalk full of practical “how to” guidance. We can tailor our educational programs to suit your needs.

We love to share lessons learned and insights from our experiences with our audiences and enjoy excellent reviews and feedback. We aim to “simplify” our presentations to give our audiences practical advice that can be immediately applied back at your practice.





November 14th –  Negotiation Ninja Class: Lessons from the FBI and More
12pm ET WNC Medical Managers


November 8th –  Negotiation Ninja Class: Lessons from the FBI and More
1pm  https://healthcare.trainingleader.com/


October 23rd –  Negotiation Ninja Class: Lessons from the FBI and More
9:15 AM – 10:15 AM CDT


Sept 15th The AI Advantage – Reshaping Healthcare Practices for a New Era
Presenters Summer Interns at Propser Beyond 2023
Cayden Jacobsen, UNC Charlotte
Rich Puranik, Appalachian State University
Paige Roberts, UNC Chapel Hill


June 8th – MGMA Summit: Moving Healthcare Forward


March 8thTraining Leader –  “Payer Contracting: Rates, Edits and Administrative Burden”



December 6th – MGMA National “Transformative Healthcare Payer Contracting”

November 26th –
Training Leader  “Payer Contracting: Leveraging Transparency”

November 19th
MGMA Medical Practice Excellence “Payer Contracting 101: Strategies that Work”

October 11th
MGMA Medical Practice Excellence “Payer Contracting 101: Strategies that Work”

October 26th – 
Training Leader – “Payer Contracting: Rates, Edits and Administrative Burden”

September 14th
NC MGMA Annual Conference “Payer Contracting Strategies”

September 13th
“Payer Contracting Top 10 Tools”

August 9th
MGMA Certificate Program: “Financial Management”

January 25th
Certificate Program: MGMA Payer Contracting Webinar Series “Payer Contracting on Demand” 



November 16thMedical Practice Excellence Leaders Conference DX session, “Payer Contracting Key Performance Indicators”

Sept. 28th
Exploring Key Performance Indicators to Anchor Revenue Cycle

Oct 7th
Weighing the Pros and Cons of Alternative Value-based Care Partnership Vehicles 

Oct 19th
Understanding Your Practice/Services Costs and How to Control Those Costs Using LEAN

Oct 25th
Exploring Payer Contracting Key Performance Indicators 

August 24th
Reimbursement Metrics: What Works Today and Preparing for Tomorrow


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Payer Contracting Key Performance Indicators

Prepare for 2022 and Beyond (Presented at Medical Practice Excellence Conference, webinars) Tracking and trending physician revenue cycle key performance indicators (KPIs) is crucial to the financial health of any physician practice. While practices may have a handle on traditional revenue cycle management KPIs, payer…

Top 10 Payer Contracting Tools

Build Your Toolkit (Subject matter presented at the MGMA Annual Conference, MGMA webinars and others) This presentation focuses on supporting practices on the payer contracting journey by defining a step-by-step process to build an effective strategy and by sharing the top 10 tools used by…

Payer Contracting Primer

Sharpen Your Strategy (Presented at the MGMA Virtual Payer Conference and others) This presentation focuses on defining a step-by-step process for building a successful payer contracting strategy. It includes guidance on identifying specific negotiation targets, evaluating proposals/methodologies, establishing targets, developing a value proposition and concludes…

Patient Liability Collections: Optimize Your Cash Flow

(Presented at the MGMA Financial Conference, MGMA webinar, state MGMA conferences and others) This presentation provides attendees with best practices in patient liability collections and a step-by-step approach to identifying practical solutions to drive improved financial performance. Learning Objectives Identify various payer-specific tools and methods…

Value-based Contracting Case Studies

Discover Your Leverage (Presented at the MGMA Financial Conference, HFMA Annual Conference, and others) This case study examines one practice’s journey in negotiating next-generation payer contracts. It provides attendees with easy-to-use guidance for creating a practice value proposition that can be used in payer negotiations,…