Take our Healthcare Acronym Quiz

Understanding acronyms is, unfortunately, becoming a key competency for healthcare professionals.  We seem to speak a language filled with them and just as we learn a definition or two, a regulatory body may change a few.  How many of these terms are clear to you?  Take our quiz to see how many of these terms you know.

healthcare payment acronymThere’s a few terms that everyone probably knows, but others are familiar only to those working with healthcare payment reform. Acronyms are used to refer to these terms. We’ve created a little quiz that lets you test how well you know a few key healthcare terms and the acronyms used for them.

If you take this quiz you’ll be scored with a letter grade. You’ll be shown which questions you got right and which you didn’t. Questions are multiple choice. You’ll be shown whether you’re right or wrong immediately, and you won’t be able to click on a second answer if you get the question incorrect, so be careful, and only click on an answer when you’re certain.