REVDIVE Podcast Interview on Payer Contracting with Doral Jacobsen

Doral Jacobsen gets interviewed by Taya Moheiser & Kem Tolliver about payer contracting. Doral reveals her personal experiences that drew her towards value based care. If you understand the challenges of billing, collecting from payers,  and how payer contracting has changed so much in the last decade, this interview is for you.  If you’re working in a managed practice, some of this information is probably new to you, and is likely what you’ve been waiting to hear.

Doral gives a little preview of the new information she’s going to be sharing at the upcoming MGMA conference. Getting the bonuses today’s over-working providers expect means getting the revenue from payers first. New coding, new rules, new opportunities to grow revenue and cut costs are here now. Hear what’s happening to get your clinics to thrive.

Watch the interview here:

REVDIVE #14: Prioritize Payer Contracting

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